GeoCore is a manufacturer of light weight sediment sampling equipment, specifically designed for multiple meter long sediment cores in lakes up to 25 meters deep. The system is backpack transportable to allow coring of the most remote sites. Cores can be acquired by manual T-handle, slide hammer drive or with an optional portable power head driven by a light weight gasoline engine. Thin wall, high strength, aluminum alloy tubing is used to aquire the sample and provide for safe transport. The GeoCore Sediment Coring System provides significant advantages. This system includes a locking piston which does not need a rod to be held in place during descent into the borehole. The system also includes aluminum casing sections that lock together with quarter turn, quick couplings (no threads). The inside of the casing column is smooth which eliminates drill string snagging during decent and retraction.

GeoCore systems are currently being used by researchers of Geology, Palioclimatology and Archeology in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Panama and the Netherlands

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